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Hi-Line Merchandise provides comprehensive merchandising solutions to artists, events, bands and brands looking to maximize their retail sales revenue. From logo design and branding, to custom product development and production, to retail sales and distribution, both online and at events – Hi-Line is committed to bringing the best in  products, service and revenue to their clients’ merchandise programs.

Product Development & Design

E-Commerce Solutions

On-Site Event Sales

Creative Director Services

Tie-Dye Production

Hi-Line takes pride in providing clients with innovative professional design and art direction, including logos and overall branding. Our talented and professional creative team  works with each customer to create a unique line of high-quality products for retail sale. We bring a bold, eye-catching look to every item we create, designing with production in mind, so the final product looks just as good in person as it does on the drawing board.

CampBiscoMerchLIneHi-Line offers total merchandising solutions and product development, from single items to full merchandise lines. In addition to classic apparel items like t-shirts and hoodies, we design and produce custom tie-dyes, cut and sewn garments, knitwear, hats, woven throw blankets, limited edition screenprinted posters, bags, enamel pins and badges, belt buckles, collectible coins, keychains, lanyards, stickers in any size and shape, embroidered patches, glassware, metal cups and tins, reusable water bottles and cups, can coozies, lighters, Frisbees and discs, and more. Together, our skilled design services combine with our virtually limitless product offerings, providing each client with an exclusive and fully customized merchandise line.


John Warner

Lead Creative / Director of Merchandising

Warner photoOur creative director, John Warner established his design practice [John Warner Studios] in 1996, and specialized in working with musicians, bands and special event promotion. He offers a wide range of custom illustration services, including creation of concert posters, t-shirts and other collectible merchandise, album covers and packaging, logo design, branding and identity creation, custom fonts and lettering, ad mat layout and more. In addition to freelance design work, John is the creative director for the band moe. In his role at Hi-Line, John works together with a team of creative professionals to produce eye-catching artwork and products for our clients’ retail merchandise collections.

Kraig Biehl

Screen-printer / Director of Operations

Texstyles photoOur screen-printer Kraig Biehl established his shop Texstyles in 1985. WIth over 30 years in business, he expertly produces top quality screen printed garments at a competitive price, utilizing process and spot process printing on a wide variety of goods including cotton, polyester, twill, spandex, bamboo and performance fabrics. Kraig supervises a dedicated and passionate staff, and offers clients up to 10 color printing and PMS color matching for outstanding results on any job.



  • Jon Dindas, Go4Dindas
    Jon Dindas / Go4Dindas
  • Over the course of the last 5 years, John has has not only designed art and merchandise for all of the artists Hard Head manages and the events we produce, but he has also played a part in helping develop and actualize their visual identities in some fashion.  I’ve come to him with ideas both concrete and abstract and he’s brought them to life with great success and other times he’s come to me with an idea I couldn’t really picture but he presented with an enthusiasm that would be hard to second guess.  And again, the results have been outstanding.
    Jason Bau / Hard Head Management