Michael King

Michael King

Director of Software Engineering

Mike has been a full-stack web developer for 23 years. Mike’s first commercial website, created in 1996, was a medical journal published by the American Cancer Society. Mike’s first commercial web app, created in 1997, was a custom ecommerce application used by a local retail perfume shop. Then in 1997, Mike decided to go to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), to formally study web technologies with a focus on software development. At about this time in 1997, Mike also met a talented graphic artist, named John Warner, who had a mutual interest in technology and music, and Mike and John became friends and occasional business associates creating web sites for local rock bands.

After finishing his studies at UCSD, Mike started a job at iiON Corporation as a Web Developer. After three years, he was promoted to Senior Software Developer and eventually became Director of Software Development. At iiON, Mike worked with and then directed a team of developers and systems administrators responsible for the development and operations of an on-demand market research & analytics platform. In addition, Mike co-invented a behavioral and attitudinal based dynamic content delivery method and system “SmartADs”, that was used by several Ad Networks, Ad Servers, Publishers and Brands operating in the online digital media and analytics space. 

After iiON, Mike worked as a consultant for several digital marketing agencies, where he focused on custom development through an agile development process. In this position, Mike developed custom WordPress and Magento plugins and organized teams to create large web sites and web applications. To support the custom software created, Mike also created online training presentations for end users.

Mike’s responsibilities at Hi-Line include directing development for custom software initiatives; working with the DevOps teams to create and maintain highly available, highly scalable web applications in the AWS environment; and working with the operations team to create efficient business processes across an integrated ERP system. Mike has a Professional Certificate, Client Server Technology from UCSD, a Professional Certificate, Journalism, Mercy College and a BS in Biology, Cum Laude, Syracuse University.