Stephen Taylor

Stephen Taylor

Operations Manager

Stephen is a performance-driven and strategic motivator. With 20 years of experience in relationship building, customer satisfaction & loyalty, client efficiency enhancement and increased profit margins, Stephen has taken his experience in hospitality to fruition as Operations Manager within Hi-Line Merchandising.

Demonstrating his ability to forge solid relationships with colleagues, clients and partners, Stephen has built consensus across multiple organizational levels. He’s developed his skills and brought them to the manufacturing field; where he has helped create a positive and productive company. And more so, an internal “culture” that empowers and motivates its employees.

Stephen also has 10+ years of experience working in the live entertainment industry, managing events from 20,000 – 70,000 attendees. He’s held roles such as production assistant, stagehand, event runner, vendor coordinator, merchandise manager, and has even orchestrated “meet & greet” experiences with Artists and Entertainers.

In 2018, Stephen took his vast knowledge in the live music and hospitality industries and started his own management company; Building Blocks Management, LLC.